PNR Status


What is PNR Status and what does mean?

IRCTC or the Indian Railway ticket can be checked easily on our website is called the PNR Status. Provide your PNR number where it is indicating and click the button. A new window will open and it will show your current status.

This is PNR Status of Indian Railways ticket PNR Status details of the ticket
PNR status is means which provide you with the current status of your booking and it will show you whether your ticket is reserved, confirmed or wait for the list.

PNR Status
PNR Status

When do I need to know my PNR Status?

When you want to travel long distances you generally use the train because you cannot travel in vehicles or buses the vehicles consumes a lot of petrol and it cost a lot but where the train is cheaper than vehicles. If you want to choose to travel on the train you may find that your train ticket is on the waitlist.This is the most common problem faced by all the Indians to find whether your tickets are confirmed or still in wait list you need to know for that check your PNR status.

You can do it easily on the internet by To check the current status of your train ticket on the IRCTC booking system waitlist, just use the form which is given at the top of this page.

What is  mean by“PNR number”?

PNR stands for “passenger name record” and it shows your current status on the WL (waitlist) or RAC (reservation against cancellation queue). If you buy any ticket between this two WL ticket or an RAC ticket, you will be given the unique 10-digit number that number is called as PNR number.

How to Check PNR Status?

You can check PNR Status of your reservation by typing your unique 10 digit number is linked to your booking and click on ‘Get PNR Status’.That will show you the present status of your ticket booking. This information is gathered from the servers.
5 ways to check your Indian Railways PNR status
You can check your PNR status in five different ways they are:

  1. Online via your computer or PC
  2. Via SMS service
  3. Through smartphone app
  4. Railway enquiry counters at railway station
  5. Final reservation charts

Online via Your Computer/PC

The simple and easy way to check your current status of your ticket is to submit a request on this website official Indian railway website or go through this website

Via SMS service:

PNR Status is provided by Indian Railways at

You can check IRCTC PNR Status offline with the help of SMS helpline by Indian Railways or call the helpline. If you don’t have the internet then you can use this method. Below we have provided different numbers to check your IRCTC PNR Status by sending an SMS.
Enter your 10-digit PNR number and send it to 139
Enter your 10-digit PNR number and send it to 5676747
Note: The correct format of the SMS text is ‘0123456789’ example for PNR format. Remember you need to type your 10-digit PNR number only not anything else.

Through a smartphone app

Using smartphone apps you can check IRCTC PNR Status of your tickets for that your smartphones and tablets should be connected to the internet which you are using to check your status. The following apps are used to check your status.

Android apps:

The best APP to check your current status of your ticket is “PNR status app“, This app is available in Google Play store and you download from the store.

IPhone app:

Till now there is no such app to check the status of the ticket for the iPhone users. We will let you know if any app is available for the iPhone users.

Railway Enquiry Counters at Railway Station:

Simply you can check your the current status of your booking by asking at the railway enquiry counter attendee in the railway station. But this method of checking the status of your booking is very old fashion. You can check your status by using the latest technology like using mobile applications which I have mentioned above.with this, you can save your valuable time.

Final Reservation Charts:

Final reservation chart are mostly prepared before few hours of departure of the train this final chart is pasted on the notice board of railway station platform.

IRCTC PNR Status and how Railway Reservations work Explained Step by Step …

WL and RAC:

If aIl the seats which are available on the train are sold out, Then the Indian railway or IRCTC will release RACs for the railway reservations. if all those are sold, WL tickets will be released. mostly in every train, some tickets will be cancelled by the ticket holders because of different reasons. These cancellation tickets you can get if you buy anRAC or WL ticket.when the train ready to depart in few hours and there will be some tickets available because of people will cancel it. Those cancelled tickets will be given to RAC/WL ticket holders.
Here is an example of a railway reservation situation. Tickets are sold in the following order:


Understanding your ticket and WL number of IRCTC PNR Status
There are two numbers on your ticket.they will let you know the status at which you joined waitlist and your present position. here is an example

You get a train of your choice like class/ seat/ berth with the same time and date while you are booking for the tickets and you will buy the two tickets.

For example, actually you joined WL at position 5 and you have booked tickets online and you moved to position 2 because someone is either to a cancellation of ticket or not making any final booking for the ticket. The first position person will stay them itself. It will show when you have joined the queue. The second person will decrease until you get a ticket.

WL and RAC refunds:

If the train which you have bought the tickets in WL is ready to departure and all the seats are filled out then the cost of wl ticket will be refunded to your account automatically.
NOTE: sometimes at the last moment you may get the RAC status. In such situations, they will not refund you. actually, RAC is a boarding ticket.

This is a ttutorial on how to check Indian Railway PNR Status, if you have any doubt then don’t hesitate comment below for more Information